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Taken circa 1975 at the Philadelphia Zoo on Ektachrome with a Canon Ftb. At the time, they had "Tiger Island" which had a moat separating the enclosure from the visitors. Unfortunately, subsequent modifications to the enclosure removed the island and the moat.

•   Digital Photography School
               This is a great site to get a lot of information.

•   Depth of Field Simulator
               This is great for helping understand the effects of lens settings on depth of field.

•   B&H Photo-Video
               Tons of equipment, great prices, and fast shipping. A photographer's wish book!

•   Digital Photography Review
               Good reviews of cameras and lenses.

•   Susan Stevenson Photography
               Susan is an excellent photographer who was based in Alaska for a while.

•   Abandoned America
               An amazing collection of images of abandoned places in the U.S.

•   Subject Matters Photography
               Darryl Moran has some excellent images on his site.

•   Ugly Hedgehog®
               An interesting photography forum.

•   The Photographer's Ephemeris
               Ever wonder where the sun will be when you go someplace to shoot?

•   Stor-a-Cell
               These battery holders are great, no more loose batteries. (Insert upside-down for used.)

•   Coppermine Gallery
               This is the image gallery program used here at My Mind's Eye.

•   Clic Magnetic Glasses
               Need cheaters to use the controls on your camera, but not to shoot images?
               These things are GREAT!
               They hang close to your neck, not swaying all over on a lanyard.

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