I have had a long time interest in photography, to the point where when I worked part time at a camera shop years ago, most of my pay probably went back in to the shop! I'm not a professional, but a real serious photography aficionado.
I hope you enjoy your visit to my gallery, which contains a little bit of everything.

The Bubbles at Jordan Pond, Acadia, Maine
Jordan Pond
I developed (no pun intended) an appreciation when I borrowed a friend's 35mm camera about 1972. I was hooked. The cameras then only had three things you had to worry about, focus, shutter speed, and aperture. I bought a Canon EX-Auto, then few years later, an Ftb, and then an AE-1. Now I use a Canon EOS Rebel T1i and a Sony H1. The Ftb and AE-1 are on display in the curio cabinet. I also really enjoyed developing and printing my own black and white film. When I finally got rid of my darkroom equipment a few years ago, it felt like I was burying an old friend.
Digital prints still don't seem to have the finesse of film, however, there are so many things that can be done with digital. I really like the ability to view the results of capturing an image to see if it turned out the way I wanted it to, so I can fix it if need be. With film you had to wait until it was processed to find out. This was nasty if you could not easily go back to get more pictures. With digital, you can look at them on the monitor at home. Of course there is the digital darkroom, where you can adjust color balance, brightness, and other parameters. This is much simpler to work with than the old darkroom, especially since I only did B&W.

Salsbury Cove, Maine
Salsbury Cove, Maine

While I don't have the opportunity to spend as much time on it as I would like, I do enjoy taking the camera(s) out for a walk and seeing what I can do. I'll try photographing almost anything, but being an engineer has it's drawback with the "creativity" side in my brain. I keep trying to fix that, and not just "record" what I see.

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